Welcome to the Wingate Scholarships Anniversary Archive

Wingate Scholarships was a successful awards scheme set up by the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation in 1988 and sadly discontinued in 2012. The scholarships were awarded to individuals of great potential or proven excellence who needed financial support to undertake creative or original work of intellectual, scientific, artistic, social or environmental value, and to exceptionally talented musicians for advanced training. Applications were welcomed for work that did not fall comfortably into any of the conventional funding categories, and from mature students of any age as well as those from non-traditional academic backgrounds.

Over the course of 23 years some 1,000 scholars, spanning a broad range of academic fields, received support from the scheme. Scholars came from a wide variety of backgrounds and included citizens of the Commonwealth, Council of Europe countries and Israel. The scholarships made a very significant contribution to the lives and careers of those supported, enabling them in turn to enrich our world through creative endeavours, scholarly research and scientific achievement.

This website, which was created in 2008 by Faith Clark (Administrator 2000-2009) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the scheme, tells the story of a remarkable achievement. We would like to thank the many scholars who contributed to this archive, for sharing their experiences of what a Wingate Scholarship has meant to them and to their continuing careers. Also included are representative contributions from some of the Academic Advisors upon whose valuable expertise and time we relied for the assessment and interviewing of candidates. The Trustees are very grateful to them and to members of the Scholarships Committee who helped to review and shape the scheme each year.

Using the link on the left to Scholars reports, you can access the contributions from scholars and academic advisors. In addition, there is a complete Record of Wingate scholars from 1988 to 2011 in PDF format.

Further information about the Foundation and the creation of the scholarships scheme can be found in Wingate history, including a short history of the Foundation by Tony Wingate, who received an honorary doctorate in 2008 from the Institute of Education in recognition of his contribution to education.

Please note: The Wingate Scholarships scheme is no longer in operation. The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation now gives support to charitable organisations for a wide range of activities. More information is available on the Wingate Foundation main website.